Community led environmental projects in the Southside of Glasgow.

Urban Roots is a community led organisation working across the Southside of Glasgow. Our work aims to improve the health, wellbeing and environment of the area. Projects range in from cooking and community gardening to conservation and biodiversity.

We empower local people to make choices and lifestyle changes that are beneficial for them, their communities and the environment.

Our teams take on lots of different projects such as transforming derelict or unused green spaces into thriving, blossoming community gardens where herbs and vegetables, fruit and flowers can be grown. This makes the area look more attractive, helps to create more used, social and safe places and brings people together. We have ongoing projects in Community Gardening, Conservation & Biodiversity and Cooking.

We are currently updating our website. Please contact the office on 0141 613 2766 if you require any further information.

Community Gardening

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