Community led environmental projects in the Southside of Glasgow.

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Urban Roots

Urban Roots is a community led organisation working across the Southside of Glasgow.  We are committed to working with local people on projects that improve the environment and health of the area through a range of activities including community gardening,  conservation and biodiversity,  courses,  workshops and schools projects. Our work aims to inspire people and communities to connect with nature,  and take practical action that makes a positive difference to their own lives,  their communities and the planet.


Urban Roots evolved out of the Toryglen Gardening Club which was founded in 2004 by 3 local people who had a shared desire to improve the area. They held bulb planting days and gardeners picnics,  established a Children’s Orchard in the grounds of a local school and held a plant sale.  They secured funding through the Fairshare Trust in 2007 to employ a development officer,  which has helped to grow the projects and get more local people on board.  Toryglen Gardening Club became Urban Roots in December 2008.

Our Ethos

Urban Roots believes that our earth’s climate and ecosystems are under strain from the impact of human activity.  We believe that by working collectively we can find solutions for a sustainable future.


Our volunteer teams take on lots of different projects such as transforming derelict or unused green spaces into thriving,  blossoming community gardens where herbs and vegetables,  fruit and flowers can be grown.  This makes the area look more attractive,  helps to create more used,  social and safe places and brings people together.

We have ongoing projects in Community Gardening, Conservation &  Biodiversity and Climate Change Education. Threaded throughout these projects are health,  youth and arts themes.

See our ‘projects’  page for more info on how to get involved.

Communities and Schools

If you are a member of a community group or organisation and you’d like help to set up your community garden,  grow your own food,  improve your local environment and encourage biodiversity,  or maybe your group would like to find out more about climate change and how we can collectively respond to this global problem,  then we might be able to help you.

We also work closely with schools to help them develop their eco-schools programmes,  helping to deliver school garden and biodiversity projects,  climate change education and environmental arts such as murals and woodwork.  We run our own kids clubs both after school and during the summer holidays.  Children are involved in the community gardens,   helping to plant flowers and grow vegetables,  and learning about the environment.

Into the Future

We are part of a growing movement developing urban agriculture across Glasgow and local food growing based on permaculture methods,  in partnership with other similar organisations.