Community Led Environmental Projects In The South Side Of Glasgow


Over the years our team has put together a selection of adaptable courses and workshops.

We run these courses at different times of the year –  keep an eye on the ‘workshops’  page for up to date info.  We can also come to you to deliver any of these with your group.


Grow Your Own


Grow Your Own is an 16 hour programme,  normally taught over 8 weeks that covers a wide range of topics:

– Site observation,  planning and site design

– Propagating,  taking cuttings and root division.

– Growing on,  planting out,  crop families and rotations

– Composting,  pests and diseases,  harvest and saving seed.

Our adaptable format means it can be run as a shorter course if need be.  We can cater for individual or group requirements,  and from total beginners to more experienced gardeners.  The course involves a mixture of theoretical and practical elements.



Great Grub

Great Grub is our practical course that looks at planet friendly food.  A 12 hour programme normally taught over 6 weeks,  participants will cook together with food being prepared around different themes each week:

– Local and seasonal

– Cutting down on meat and dairy

– Avoiding packaging

– Reducing food waste and composting

The course naturally also teaches good cooking skills,  healthy diets and nutrition.

A kitchen is needed to run this course (which can sometimes push the prices up),  but if you’re interested get in touch with us to discuss.  Again,  we can run specific aspects of this course as a one-off or as a taster if required.


Cycling with Confidence


Cycling with confidence is an 8 hour course,  normally run over 4 weeks.  Aimed at different levels from beginners to semi-confident cyclists,  the aim is to get you feeling safe enough out on the roads.  Taught by trained Cycle Trainers,  the programme includes:

– Road safety for bikes

– Manouveres and junctions

– Dealing with traffic (and motorists)

We can also run taster sessions and one off cycle safety sessions for young and old alike.




Beekeeping for Beginners

Urban Roots now regularly run beekeeping courses aimed at beginners.  The course is 6 theory sessions which are taught indoors in the Urban Roots offices.

  The topics covered include:

– The ecology of bees

– Beekeeping equipment

– Swarming

– Bee diseases

– Bees and the law

– Harvesting the honey crop

 And lots more!

People attending the course are invited to get involved with practical sessions at the new Urban Roots apiary, doing a range of bee management tasks.  The courses run throughout the year and we will invite people along the practical sessions throughout the bee season so that you get a real flavour of being a beekeeper.



Glasgow’s Full Permaculture Design Course is based at the Permaculture Scotland, ScotLAND Centre, here at Urban Roots. Doing a permaculture course is a great way for you to learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture and how to apply them to your designs for a holistic,  healthy life,  garden,  home,  or anything else you may be designing! The first module at Urban Roots will take place on the 16th&17th January 2016 (which will cover the same curriculum as the course in the Concrete Gardens on October 24th & 25th), this can be taken as a stand alone introduction course, or as the first module in the full design course. The full design course takes place over a further 5 modules, one weekend per month from February to June, including one expedition to Argyll for a weekend in May. Teachers to include Lusi Alderslowe, Fiona MacDougall,  and Ed Tyler.
For more information on permaculture courses or to book your place,  contact Lusi Alderslowe – 01557  814 810 or email

To find out more about any of these courses (with the exception of permaculture),  discuss your requirements etc… please get in touch with us on or phone the office on 0141 613 2766

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