Community Led Environmental Projects In The South Side Of Glasgow


We deliver projects that inspire and enthuse people to take positive steps to improve their environment and quality of life.

Community Gardening

Want to learn how to grow your own fruit and veg?  Or maybe you have skills you can share with others?  Our weekly volunteer team is an ideal place to start,  growing together in our community gardens.

We organise workshops and courses on specific topics associated with gardening such as foraging,  beekeeping and composting;  plus an 8 week Grow Your Own evening class aimed at absolute beginners.

Networking with similar organisations across the city and beyond is also an important element to this work.  We are part of the Glasgow Local Food Network  and members of Nourish Scotland –  growing more of what we eat and eating more of what we grow.


Malls Mire Community Woodland

Malls Mire Community Woodland is a site of importance for nature conservation that is bordered by Toryglen,  Rutherglen,  housing schemes and a railway line.  It is a little piece of beauty and tranquility in amongst urban madness and sprawl.

The conservation volunteers meet every Thursday on the site,  learning a range of conservation skills and working as a team.

Come along and learn about habitat creation,  sustainable woodland management,  how to plant and look after wildflower meadows,  and creating ponds and wetlands.

There’s plenty of opportunity to learn new skills for instance in green woodworking and coppice crafts such as basket making or wood carving.  We have skilled members of the team who are happy to pass their knowledge on.

We also create footpaths around Malls Mire,  improving access for local people to use the woodland.  Plus our educational activities with local schools and youth groups help to improve people’s knowledge and understanding of nature on their doorstep.

The Malls Mire Conservation Volunteers currently meet in a Thursday between 11am – 3pm.  See more on Malls Mire here.

Contact more info.


Planet Friendly Living

We have a wide variety of workshops for community groups,  children and adults that take a look at some of the facts around Climate Change,  some of the causes and effects,  and what we can do about it.  There’s something for everyone!

We have carried out research locally to establish the collective Carbon Footprint of Toryglen,  and we will are working with other local organisations on sustainable living and ‘climate friendly’ projects.

We aim to inform,  educate and inspire people to take positive action to reduce their impact on the planet.  Here’s some of the stuff we do…


  • Home energy advice and fuel poverty campaigning.  We’ll help you survey your home,  find out where you’re losing heat through draughts and gaps and advise on ways to fix that through DIY draught busting.  You can borrow an energy monitor off us to track where you electricity consumption is going to cut your bills and your impact on the planet.
  • Climate Friendly Skills.  This covers a whole load of things from Creative Re-Use (upcycling),  to Herbal Medicine,  Foraging,  Living Willow Structures and Basket Making… pretty much anything DIY and Low Impact!
  • Sustainable Transport.  We want to get more people out of their cars and using low carbon forms of transport,  whether that’s trains and buses or (preferably) bikes!  We run workshops and courses on Cycling with Confidence and Bike Maintenance,  and we work with other organisations across Glasgow to campaign for better cycling infrastructure.



Renewable Energy

Our Renewables System is available for hire! This portable system incorporate solar and wind,  and is ideal for community events that need power for a stage or PA system.  Prices reasonable and negotiable,  based on the income and capacity of the organisation hiring the equipment.

Also available is our Bike Generator – which is ideal for educating young and old alike about energy consumption and conservation.

To find out more about any of the projects and how you can get involved,  please contact us.

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