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DECREIXEMENT – A Collaboration

DECREIXEMENT – a collaboration between Urban Roots and Fabricants de Futur.


¡Hola! My name is Amelia Burke and I’m a Scottish artist living in Cataluña, Spain.  I help run a project called Fabricants de Futur, which is a multi-media platform where young people can talk about their future.  Fabricants is part of a network of cooperatives and social projects which are concerned about the destruction of our planet, the consumer society and the unfair distribution of resources; and we try to talk about that through one of our on-going events…Decreixement (that’s De-growth in Catalan).

In March this year we had a small exhibition and made a video which you can see on Youtube , using artwork by the Fabricants de Futur, the words of Enric ciervo contra MATDuran, and original music composed and performed by Wikitrio Ensemble.  We did not want to sell anything, instead we offered the work using the “economía del regal o de l’intercamvi” that is, roughly translated, the economy of exchange or gift.

I contacted Chris Croal in the Summer to see if Urban Roots would like to collaborate with us and put on an event and exhibition in the centre of Glasgow. Chris said he found the idea interesting, so we decided it would be a good idea to write to you all and see if you find it interesting too! The exhibition space is part of a shop run by my brother-in-law (the Good Spirits Company), and the plan is to invite Urban Roots members (those who like art anyway!) to draw, paint, print, or photograph anything connected to the theme of De-growth.

So, that’s our proposal!  Would you like to collaborate?  Our event is planned for August 2016, so there’s plenty of time to sharpen that pencil, or get the dust off that watercolour set.

Amelia Burke

To get involved or for more information email:


Fabricants de Futur is a page on Facebook and is open to any young person anywhere.  We receive no funds and all work is voluntary.  Fabricants is a branch of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana.


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