Community led environmental projects in the Southside of Glasgow.

Market Garden

Located behind Polmadie Recycling Centre and the ‘High Flats’ of Prospecthill Circus,  the new site is over 1 acre of land.  Work to create the beds and other growing spaces is now well underway.

We are creating mini allotment plots of  around 10m2 for local people to grow their own.  (Local can mean within a 2 mile radius,  so Mount Florida,  Toryglen,  Rutherglen,  Crosshill etc… you’re all in!) We will have a dedicated coordinator who will be on hand to help with any growing issues or provide advice and training.

The second part of the site is designed to be a market garden.  Here we will grow produce specifically for sale,  supplying local outlets such as Fresh and Fruity –  a fruit and veg shop in Mount Florida.  We’ll focus on salads but will grow other produce as well.

The site will eventually become a Southside hub for food growing and environmental skills training,  for education and volunteer opportunities.



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