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Community Woodland

Malls Mire Community Woodland

Malls Mire is an area of mixed woodland and wetland habitat situated between Toryglen and Rutherglen. People from the surrounding communities have been working with Urban Roots to manage the woodland since 2009,  improving its value for wildlife and working on the paths so that more people can get in and enjoy it.  Malls Mire was the first Community Woodland in Glasgow and was made a Local Nature Reserve in 2015. If you would like be involved in the management of the woods please take a look at our woodland volunteering and Friends of Malls Mire pages.

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The history of Malls Mire

Most of the woodland was planted in 1993,  with the trees planted very close together in rows.  Ideally the trees would have been thinned out a bit after 15 years to allow them to grow more strongly, but this didn’t happen at Malls Mire.  The result is very dense woodland of tall and thin trees which are unstable and tend to blow down or snap whenever there is a strong wind.

Wildlife in Malls Mire

Malls Mire is a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and was designated an L-SINC (Local Site Important for Nature Conservation) after the discovery of rare plants in the 1980s.  It contains valuable wetland habitat and being near to the railway line  and the river Clyde,  a lot of wildlife passes through the area.  There are regular sightings of deer,  foxes,  kestrels and in July 2012 there was a sparrowhawk nesting in one of the conifer trees.

Looking ahead:

Urban Roots are constantly making improvements to Malls Mire.  The plan is to make it a better place for wildlife and a better place for people!  This means increasing the diversity of native tree and plant species, improving wildlife habitats,  removing some of the dangerous and damaged trees, removing litter & rubbish and improving the path network so that people can enjoy it more easily.

Get involved

Over the last few years we have:

  • thinned out the trees to create more space for the best trees to spread out
  • removed some of the dangerous and damaged trees
  • created a network of surfaced paths, making it accessible in all weathers and for wheelchair-users
  • begun managing sections of open grassland as wildflower meadows

Get involved
The Malls Mire Conservation Group is now in its ninth year and still meeting weekly to carry out conservation work in the woodland and open ground habitats.  Examples of some recent work we have done includes:

  • Tree felling
  • Path Maintenance
  • Habitat surveying
  • Litter Collection
  • Meadow management
  • Hedgelaying

The group meet every Thursday morning at the Urban Roots Offices (Toryglen Community Base,  G42 0LA) from 10.45 – 3.00.  We always welcome new members and all you need to join in is a good pair of boots, warm water-proof clothing and a packed lunch.

For more details about the Malls Mire Conservation Group or anything else about Malls Mire Community Woodland,  contact:  or Tel: 0141 613 2763

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