Community led environmental projects in the Southside of Glasgow.

Malls Mire Wildlife Podcast

Malls Mire Wildlife Podcasts


The Malls Mire podcast project was a collaboration between Urban Roots and St Brigid’s primary school.  Pupils from P6 worked with Urban Roots staff in the winter of 2012/13 to investigate key areas of wildlife in Malls Mire and record what they found.





We have worked with schools across the southside for years but in 2012 we came up with the idea of asking a local class to research some of the key features of wildlife at Malls Mire and recording the class speaking about it.  The class spent 6 days in the woods from November – January working in groups to research key aspects of Malls Mire which was then backed up with more in depth research in the classroom.

By recording the information and making it free to download we hope that it will help more people to learn about Malls Mire.


The link below will take you to another webpage where you can select from all the subjects that the class researched and recorded.

Malls Mire Podcasts

You can either download it is a mp3 to your phone / tablet,  or stream it as you walk around.


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