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From Volunteer to Horticulture Student: How Urban Roots Ignited Jordan's Passion for Gardening

Urban Roots volunteer, Jordan Leat, at Malls Mire Community Garden
"My confidence has gone up and I feel better about myself"

Jordan came to Urban Roots as part of a placement through Glasgow Clyde College. The placement, Moving on to Work, helps students identify possible routes into work through volunteering in their communities. Initially Jordan was unsure of what route interested him, however when offered the practical and hands on placement at Urban Roots he decided to seize the opportunity to try something new.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Selina Boyack, caught up with Jordan to find out more about his experience of volunteering.

Jordan started his volunteer journey in September 2022 at the Polmadie Plots. During his placement he was able to learn practical growing and gardening skills. Jordan enjoyed his placement so much that he continued volunteering with Urban Roots after his course ended in May 2023. He is now continuing his growing adventures by taking on his own raised bed as part of Urban Roots' Adopt a Plot scheme in which, he proudly told Selina, he is growing onions, garlic and beetroot.

When asked by Selina what he enjoyed most about his experience volunteering he told her one of his biggest highlights was "learning about tools and gardening equipment, as well as planting seeds and seeing how they grow".

Jordan, despite having no previous gardening experience before his placement, told Selina that he is due to start a Nat 4 qualification in Horticulture at Langside College. When asked about what else he found beneficial about his time with Urban Roots Jordan said he had learnt new skills in gardening, conservation and the environment. Moreover, he told us he was "feeling physically fitter and healthier".

When asked to identify some ways in which his lifestyle had changed since volunteering, Jordan told Selina, "I care more about the environment and wildlife, and was thinking more about climate change and what can be done about it"


Selina and the team at Urban Roots are delighted Jordan has found something that he is truly passionate about, and to hear that he is going on to study Horticulture at college. His new skills, coupled with his attention to detail and careful way of working is perfectly suited to working with plants. Good luck, Jordan!

If you'd like to discover a new passion, just like Jordan has with gardening, then head over to our Get Involved page to find out more about our activities.


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