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Green Prescribing at Urban Roots

Green Prescribing is designed to help people improve their health through accessing their local greenspaces. It’s all about helping people experience the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors in gardens and woodlands and connecting with nature in a relaxed, friendly, supportive environment.

Urban Roots offer a one-to-one 6 week course with a therapeutic gardener who supports people to learn new skills, become physically involved in working the land and nurture their connection to place and people.

Green Prescribing makes it easier for people of all abilities and confidence levels to get involved in nature and the amazing green spaces in their community. It's been fantastic to see people grow in confidence, improve their well-being and find something they are passionate about - Therapeutic Gardener, Toryglen

After completion of our 6 week therapeutic program you will be welcome to join in with our outdoor gardening and conservation groups to continue your journey in working outdoors with others in your community.

Speak to your GP to find out more or you can self-refer by contacting us at or call our office on 0141 613 2766


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